Excellence Through Detail

Serving Central Ohio Since 1976


Our motto is "Excellence Through Detail", we know that each and every car that comes to our shop is unique in its own right. Even if the same year, make, model, or even paint color, no two vehicles are exactly the same. We ensure that each repair process is customized to accurately repair your vehicle to factory standards.

Custom Mixing and Paint Matching

We have three factory grade paint refinish systems, and are one of the few remaining shops in central Ohio that will actually custom match the paint to your specific vehicle! We take our time in this step because we know your vehicle's refinish is as unique as a fingerprint, and requires precise configuration to be properly matched.

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Comprehensive Frame Repair

Equipped with two frame racks, our shop is ready to precisely repair your vehicles frame back to factory specifications.

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Getting you Where you Need to be

While a rental car is convenient, it is not always an option. On those rare occasions, we will be happy to give you a ride to your local* dest​ination!

*Local: 15 minutes or less one way to destination

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Our Refinish Products

BASF R-M Onyx​ HD (Water Based Refinish System)

BASF Homepage: https://www.basf.com/us/en.html

Onyx HD: http://www.refinish.basf.us/rm_onyxhdwaterborne_about

BASF R-M Diamont (Solvent Based Refinish System)

BASF Homepage: https://www.basf.com/us/en.html

Diamont: http://www.refinish.basf.us/rm_diamont

AkzoNobel Lesonal (Solvent Based Refinish System)

AkzoNobel Homepage: https://www.akzonobel.com/

Lesonal: http://www.lesonalna.com/